Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sixth Grade Departure and Return; Menu; Medications; Special Dietary Needs

Hello Students and Parents:

Sixth grade students will depart bright and early on Monday, September 14. Please arrive in the Bishop Evan Sports Center parking lot (north lot) at 6:30 a.m. 

Sixth grade students will return Wednesday afternoon approximately around 3:00-3:30 p.m. Bookmark the blog on your devices for updates on return time. Teachers will be calling the MS office from the coaches to set a firm time of return based on traffic. 

Because there is no phone service at our campsite, we will use a satellite phone to call in to the MS office once each day. Our student travel blogs are usually filled with photos and updates. We cannot provide that for Diamond Tail. We can provide you with some peace of mind with the daily report. 

For students who take daily medications, please give those medications in a ziplock bag to Mr. Rogers before your student boards the bus. Include very clear directions for administration of the medications and mark the ziplock bag in bold letters with your child's name. 

For students with special dietary needs, please pack meals and snacks for your child. There is no microwave or oven available. Please send stovetop and grill-able foods. 

Here is the menu: 

Menu for Diamond Tail  2015

Snacks: We provide fruit roll-ups, rice crispy treats, and granola bars and cracker snacks purchased at Sam's Club that may have been processed in the same environment as nut snacks. Some of the granola bars include nuts.

Lunch 1: choice of ham, turkey, cheese or pb&j sandwiches (separate table), chips, fruit and cookies
Dinner 1: beef burgers with chips, salad, cookies
Breakfast 1: instant oatmeal, bacon, fruit, breakfast bars, hot chocolate, warm apple juice
Lunch 2: grilled-cheese sandwiches, soup, fruit and cookies
Dinner 2: Spaghetti with meatless or meaty red sauce or just butter; powdered cheese and french bread; salad
Breakfast 2: instant oatmeal, sausage patties, pancakes, hot chocolate, warm apple juice

Students really enjoy the meals!